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3/12/20242 min read

Astral Travel

Welcome, fellow travellers, to another journey with "The Wandering Guru's Guide." Today, we venture beyond the physical realm to explore astral projection, a practice in which consciousness detaches from the physical form to journey through the astral realm. Dr. Elario joins us to share insights into this mystifying practice. Can you enlighten The Wise Wanderer's Guide? Could you walk us through an essential technique for those ready to begin their first astral journey, enriching us with crucial details for a conscious experience?

What is astral projection truly?

Absolutely, and thank you for having me. Astral projection, also known as astral travel, involves a deliberate experience of separating from the physical body. (OBE) that allows the astral body to explore the universe beyond its physical limits. It's a practice known in many cultures and spiritual traditions, viewed as a way to gain spiritual insights and explore other dimensions.

It sounds like a profound experience. For our viewers intrigued by the possibility of astral travel, could you share some techniques for beginners?

Of course. A good starting point is to practice in a quiet, comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Begin with relaxation and mindfulness exercises to calm the mind and body. Visualization is critical—imagine your astral self-lifting out of your physical body. Patience and practice are essential, as achieving your first astral projection might take time.

Safety must be a concern for many. What advice can you provide for a secure and safe experience with astral projection?

Good question. Approaching astral projection with a positive mindset and clear intentions is essential. Protect yourself by envisioning a light or bubble around you, symbolizing your protection. Stay calm and remember you can return to your physical body anytime by thinking about it. Fear can disrupt the experience, so maintain a state of calm and control. In a dangerous situation, the astral body will return quickly to a physical body. If you aren't afraid, you will continue travelling. Nothing can harm you, only your fear.

Would you guide us through a basic preparation technique for those ready to embark on their first astral journey?

To navigate consciously through the astral plane, where travel occurs at the speed of thought, crossing past and future, it is crucial not to let fear dominate you; in this dimension, you can instantly find yourself in the New York of 1578 or you can encounter entities that arouse your fear. It is possible to travel both consciously and in full control of the experience and unconsciously, guided by the energies of the physical body.

For successful astral travel, you need a quiet room where you will not be disturbed and adopt the Savasana position - the body is completely relaxed, ready to enter a state of semi-sleep while maintaining your consciousness. This delicate barrier between wakefulness and sleep is essential to allow the astral body to leave the physical body effortlessly. The presence of fear can alter the body's frequency, ending the experience prematurely.

In the astral plane, there are no physical dangers; you can go through walls and encounter manifestations of your fears, which are challenges to overcome. The silver cord connecting your astral body with your physical body allows you to travel up to immense distances, for example, 100 million miles. Breaking this cord can lead to losing connection with the original astral body, putting you at risk of attracting another astral body with potentially significant emotional changes.

Thank you, Dr. Elario, for this enlightening introduction to astral projection. Remember, travellers, this journey, like all others, begins with a single step—or, in this case, a leap of faith. May your explorations be safe and your experiences profound. Until next time, keep wandering and wondering with "The Wandering Guru's Guide."