A "spiritual essence" in Mayan cosmology corresponds to one of the energies associated with each day in the Calendarul Sincronic, which consists of a 260-day cycle. Each spiritual essence carries distinct qualities, influences, and attributes. Here are some alternative ways to describe this concept:

Spiritual Archetype: Consider each spiritual essence as a unique archetype that embodies specific characteristics and energies. These archetypes influence personality traits and can suggest certain paths in life, much like how astrological signs influence individuals in Western astrology.

Day Sign: Functionally, a spiritual essence is similar to a zodiac sign. Just as you might identify someone as a Gemini or a Virgo based on their birthdate, in Mayan astrology, someone might be identified as "Kan" or "Ajpu". Each day sign provides insights into an individual's character and destiny.

Energetic Influence: You can view a spiritual essence as a type of energy or force that affects daily life. It's an unseen influence that shapes the experiences and behaviors of people born under its sign, as well as the general atmosphere of the day it represents.

Spiritual Guide: In some Mayan traditions, a person’s spiritual essence acts as their guardian or guide, offering protection, wisdom, and direction throughout their life.

Symbolic Representation: Each spiritual essence also symbolizes various elements of nature, human attributes, and spiritual principles. For example, different essences are associated with certain animals, colors, or natural elements, each representing different aspects of life and the spiritual world.

Vital Force: A spiritual essence embodies the vital energy or life force of its particular day, influencing the types of activities, events, and personal interactions that are most likely to occur.